Public Works Projects


Miller Street Project 2023


Planned improvements include: Reconstruction of West Miller Street (North Reese to Main Street (STH 73) approximately 1,560 LF), Stafford Street (Termini to West Miller approximately 320 LF), and Life Station access road/ sewer re-alignment (approximately 340 LF). Replacing existing water main with new 8-inch PVC water main. Installing new hydrants and existing water services with one-inch coppers OR HDPE pipe to the right-of-way. Replacing sanitary sewer with new 8-inch PVC sanitary sewer. New sanitary manholes will be installed, and existing sewer laterals will be replaced with 6-inch PVC to the right-of-way.

The City of Greenwood also plans to realign the sanitary sewer along the lift station access drive off W. Miller. Storm sewer will be designated to replace the existing storm sewer and new inlet and manhole structures will be installed. A stormwater basin is anticipated to be placed at the termini (end) of Stafford Street.

The link to view the road project presentation is below.
Greenwood W. Miller St PIM

The link to view the Miller Street reconstruction plans are below.

January 25- Public Information Meeting
February- 60% Design Meeting
March- 90% Design Meeting
March 20th- Final Plans
March Ad Bidding- Ad for Bid 1 March 20 and Ad for Bid 2 March 27
April- Award and Execution of construction contracts
September 29- Substantial Completion
October 27- Final Completion
December- Project Closeout


For questions regarding this project please contact Eddie Herrick at 715-937-6081 or City Hall at 715-267-6205.