Greenwood Area Fire Department

103 W Cannery St
Greenwood, WI 54437-0195

Phone: (715) 267-7390


History of Greenwood Area Ambulance Service

In 1967 the Greenwood Firefighters started the Ambulance Department. The Association purchased a 1967 Ford (special made) station wagon. It had a raised roof, room for one patient and one attendant in the rear area. The firefighters had a small amount of Red Cross training, making it a real challenge.

In 1975 six firefighters took the EMT (Emergency Medical Technician) class in Marshfield, at the hospital. It took six months of every Wednesday nights, plus state testing to complete. This was a total of 82 hours. (It is now over 144 hours, with a required refresher training of 30 hrs every two years). The “original 6” were: Jack Abel, Doug Bottlemy, Bud Brown, Francis Carl, Jerry Hinker and Norm Mayenschein. A new van style ambulance was also purchased in 1975. As time went on, more people became trained as EMT’s.

In 1988 the next Ford ambulance was purchased, with additional equipment being added. This rig was traded in 2000 and went to a Mexican city as their ambulance. In 2000 a Wheeled Coach ambulance was purchased until it was traded in 2005, for a Braun ambulance.

The current 2005 Braun ambulance is on a Ford chassis with state of the art equipment. This makes treating and transporting our patients the most effective and efficient that we can. We currently have 15 EMT’s that handle over 100 calls annually. In 2008 the Greenwood Ambulance responded to 138 calls for service.

The Greenwood Ambulance Service covers the Townships of: Eaton, Warner, Hendren, Mead and Foster. This also includes the City of Greenwood. If an area service has a call when they are out or a call with numerous patients we will respond as a mutual aid department. The same exists if we are out and a call comes in, the closest service will be called if they are available. We frequently utilize the Spirit of Marshfield, air or ground transport, to assist in treatment of our patients. These Paramedic units are able to start IV’s and administer drugs, which we are unable to. We also work with Marshfield Fire & Rescue and Mayo 1 from Eau Claire.

The Greenwood Area Ambulance Service continues to strive to be the best. We are involved in monthly training sessions to better ourselves and also strive to have the most updated, current equipment available. We are always looking for new people to join our professional team. If you would like information on becoming an EMT or anything about the Greenwood Ambulance Service please contact one of our EMT’s or call 715-267-7390, option 2.

On May 11, 2007, the Greenwood Fire Department, Greenwood Police Department and Greenwood Ambulance Service in cooperation with the Greenwood High School, Spirit of Marshfield air medical transportation service participated in a mock drunk driving crash at the Greenwood High School. It was a learning experience not only for the high school students but was a great training opportunity for all emergency responders.

On Christmas Day 2008, members of the Greenwood Ambulance, Greenwood Fire Department and their families spent time at the Ronald McDonald House in Marshfield. A brunch was made for the 8 families that were there. Many food and other items were donated by members of both departments as well as the food that was made that day.