Boards & Committees

Greenwood City Boards

  • Board of Appeals - The Board of Appeals is responsible for reviewing any appeals from a zoning variance request that were denied by the Common Council.
  • Library Board - The Library Board is responsible for budgeting a day to day operation of the City of Greenwood Public Library.

Greenwood City Committees

  • Public Works - The Public Works Committee meets with the Public Works Director to discuss upcoming street projects, evaluate and form a long range plan for street maintenance, and discuss equipment replacement and maintenance schedules.
  • Finance - The Finance Committee analyzes current city financials, develops measurement processes and tools to assist city departments with projects and day to day analysis, provides long range budget recommendations, and assists with budget planning.
  • Police - The Police Committee offers recommendations and opinions to the council on law enforcement matters, including interview assistance for new police officer candidates.
  • Health and Wellness - The Health and Wellness Committee is focused on creating opportunities for residents to exercise and promote health and well-being. In addition, this committee meets to address complaints or concerns regarding dilapidated properties, homes that appear to be unlivable, or anything that could pose a health issue.
  • Personnel - The Personal Committee meets to resolve any matters regarding personnel, if requested. As the council usually discusses personnel matters in closed session, this committee is used differently from administration to administration.
  • Library - The Library Committee analyzes the processes and overall operation in conjunction with the library board. This committee also acts as a liaison between the library board and the council.
  • Planning - The Planning Committee is responsible for city zoning and planning recommendations as well as long range forecasting.
  • Weeds- The Weed Committee is responsible for weed control and lawn care recommendations.
  • Parks and Recreation - The Parks and Recreation Committee meets to discuss park maintenance and improvement.
  • Museum - The Museum Committee is responsible for overall museum operation and scheduling as well as recommends museum maintenance and improvement recommendations.
  • Historic - The Historic Committee is responsible for addressing and historical landmark developments. They also market the city's history and preserve historical information.
  • Main Street - The Main Street Committee is responsible for the beautification of the Main Street area, including flowers, statues, benches, City Hall Park, street lights, and seasonal decorations.
  • Greenwood Housing Authority - The Greenwood Housing Authority is responsible for financial planning and day to day operations of the Black River Apartments, HUD living center.
  • WDF (Wisconsin Development Fund) - The Wisconsin Development Fund is a revolving loan program for residents who are low to moderate income. They fund up to $90,000.00 for home repair projects at 0% interest for the life of the loan.
  • Greenwood Festival Committee - The festival committee plans a yearly festival involving fun and games for the whole family.
  • Health Officer and Forester - The Health Officer assists the Health Committee if needed. See Health Committee details for more information. The Forester assists the City of Greenwood with questions or problems regarding foliage and insects as well as planning for parks.