102 N Main St, PO Box D, Greenwood, WI 54437
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Grounded and Growing...

Welcome Home Greenwood

Welcome to Greenwood, Wisconsin, as featured on The Late Show with David Letterman in September of 2011. A beautiful small town with room to grow. Welcome home!

Peace Memorial

Located in City Hall Park, the Peace Memorial was erected in 1937. The statue stands nine feet tall and is sculpted from white cement and white sand. Its inscription reads, "Dedicated to all of the Gold Star mothers - erected by the peace loving people from Greenwood."

Fun, Music, Party!

The Grassland Bandstand carries the name of Greenwood's world famous buttermakers, Grassland Dairy, Inc. The stage is home to several concerts in the summer. Join us all summer long for a lot of fun and music in the George Scherer Athletic Park.

City Hall in the Summer

Greenwood City Hall was built in 1934 and recently remodeled in 2013. Our public library is attached to City Hall and is adjacent to City Hall Park. It too was remodeled the same year.

Greenwood, Wisconsin is located in the heart of Clark County. It is a peaceful little city nestled on the banks of the picturesque Black River. It’s a community where its people take pride in their progressive focus well into the future while keeping the relaxed, less complicated lifestyle of the past. Whether you are a visitor or a resident, you are always welcome in Greenwood.