Winter Parking Hours: As a reminder, winter parking restrictions start November 1st and continue through March 31st. It is unlawful to park any automobile, truck, or any other vehicles on any street in the City of Greenwood between the hours of 2:30am and 6:00am. (Ordinance 10-1-47)

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The Late Show Visits Greenwood, WI

For two days in April of 2011, Greenwood, Wisconsin was host to a television crew from The Late Show with David Letterman. Greenwood was selected after a nationwide search to be featured in a segment with show regular Biff Henderson. The segment was titled “Biff Henderson’s Small Town America.”

Biff was accompanied by the segment director, writer, and producer to our fair city from the Big Apple. Together with a camera crew of two from Minneapolis, they proceeded to film several interviews with local residents and businesses as well as take footage throughout the city.

In addition to visiting city locations, we arranged a visit to Grassland Dairy on the final day of their visit. Biff and crew were able to see the inner workings of Grassland as well as sample some of the world-famous Grassland Butter.We waited and hoped for our segment to air on national TV through the month of May, knowing that if we didn’t make the cut, we would have to wait until fall to see our segment. As it was, we were forced to wait an entire summer before finally making our much awaited national debut on CBS.

On September 6, 2011, the city of Greenwood, Wisconsin was featured on a segment of The Late Show with David Letterman. The segment lasted over three minutes, and it was a very funny piece, garnering lots of compliments throughout the state.

We would like to thank the show, Mr. Letterman, Biff and his crew, and the CBS network for making this happen. A special thanks goes out to Tom Foster, who worked with us from behind the scenes at CBS to coordinate the entire visit and make the experience an everlasting success.

For one fine evening, the small city of Greenwood, Wisconsin was in the national spotlight. It’s something we will all remember and treasure for years to come.